Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund

London is a shameful tale of two cities. In the richest capital in Europe almost half our children live below the poverty line.

These children and their families - the Dispossessed - are cut off from the life most Londoners take for granted. As London's paper, the Evening Standard believes it is important to champion their cause.

The Evening Standard Fund for The Dispossessed has been set up to fight poverty - and we want you to help to fight the causes behind The Dispossessed.

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Sport Relief - Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund

The big news
Another £1 million from Sport Relief to support The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund

This year The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund joined forces with Sport Relief to raise money to make a real difference and help change lives in communities right across London.

Since 2012, Comic Relief and Sport Relief have given £2million to the Dispossessed Fund. The money has been used to fund 136 grassroots projects tackling inequality in the capital. For 2014 Sport Relief has donated another £1 million to support The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund.

Where will the Sport Relief money go?

The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund is making another £1million available to charitable and community-led groups tackling poverty and inequality in London. Charities are invited to apply for grants of between £5,000 and £20,000 each. Organisations must be working to lift people out of poverty in one of the following areas: Tackling educational disadvantage for example training and educating people who have dropped out of mainstream education; getting people into work such as through apprenticeship or mentor schemes; fighting gangs, knife and gun crime; improving mental and physical health and well-being, such as through sports clubs or helping carers and addressing other manifestations of poverty such as homelessness, pensioner poverty, or the working poor.

Who can apply?

To be eligible you will have an evidenced income of less than £250,000 per annum.

How can I apply?

The Fund is managed by The London Community Foundation. For more information on how to apply visit http://www.londoncf.org.uk/grants/available-grants/overview.aspx

Apply now

Please DO NOT call the paper. The deadline for grant applications is noon 1st May 2014.

Transforming the lives of at-risk young Londoners

We are pleased to announce the award of a further eight grants amounting to £270,000 through our partnership with the government. These grants will support groups helping some of London's most at-risk and vulnerable youngsters. Grants already announced in December of £150,000 bring the total disbursement from this pot to £420,000. The successful grantees were selected by a Panel that included the Cabinet Office, young people and the Evening Standard and will be paid out of the £1 million windfall we announced in November, of which £800,000 came from the Government in response to our Frontline London campaign.

Through these grants over 1,800 young people will be helped to transform their lives over the next two years.

Another year - another marathon! The Dispossessed team get their trainers out of retirement

This year our very own David Cohen will once again be running over 26 miles to raise money for the Dispossessed fund. This is the third year David will be pulling on his trainers and leading a team of runners. This year he will be joined by Patrick Tobin, Derek Lubner and Carolina Graterol. We are also very pleased to have last minute entrant Sadiq Khan join the team this year - after some persuading from his wife and lots of training! Sadiq will be running to support all of the brilliant work we do through the Fund. If you would like to sponsor David or Sadiq please go to their fundraising pages:



What has the Dispossessed Fund achieved so far?

Since its launch in July 2010, the Dispossessed Fund has raised £12.2 million from the general public, business, Government, Comic Relief and the Big Lottery. So far, £6.6 million has been given out in grants to 745 groups, helping more than 120,000 people across the capital.

Where are we with the Dispossessed Fund?

We have now raised a phenomenal £12.2million to support groups tackling poverty across the capital. This is the most money ever raised by a newspaper campaign outside of war or natural disaster and has been achieved in less than three years. We have already distributed £6.6 million in grants to 745 groups.

Please click here for a full list of grants awarded through the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund (ESDF).

Please click here for details of where funding for the ESDF has come from.

Make a donation

Hundreds of incredible charities across London are fighting the causes of The Dispossessed. Together they are tackling the grinding poverty that blights the city. But these charities need help. The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund has already raised £12.2million with your donations and help from the Government's match funding to support the local heroes who lift people out of poverty by targeting education, crime, health, and unemployment. If you care about London, dig deep and donate!

Get involved by pledging money now.

Donations to the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund are being collected by UK Community Foundations (UKCF), registered charity No 1004630. UKCF will distribute monies received from the appeal to their partner charities who have agreed to use these donations to address issues identified by the Evening Standard's Dispossessed Campaign and to grant fund community organisations undertaking charitable work in London.